TW Boswell American Oak Legacy Barrel, 225L

TW Boswell

TW Boswell Legacy barrels are designed to impart a subtle old-world nuance, and adds great complexity and finesse. These stylish barrels complement your finest wines, adding texture and length while maintaining a proper balance of fruit and oak.


  • Medium Plus toast level
  • Wood is 24 month seasoned, fine grain oak
  • Sensory Attributes: brown sugar, maple syrup, pepper, vanilla
  • Pairs well with medium to full body red and white wines
  • Diameter of head: 58cm
  • Circumference of head: 182cm
  • Diameter of belly: 71cm
  • Circumference of belly: 223cm
  • Barrel Height: 89cm
  • Diameter of bung hole: 50mm
  • Capacity: 59 gallons

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