Mobile crossflow filtration is available to simplify your bottling prep. With high efficiencies and distinctive filtration methods we add value and quality to your wine. By utilizing new filtration methods, it enables our delicate procedures to be trusted by wine-producers in our service areas throughout the East Coast.

Crossflow filtration enhances the wine-production process by diminishing wine losses associated with conventional technology. It enables wineries to abstain from putting resources into resource-intensive equipment while receiving the rewards of current innovation.  

It’s fast, it’s efficient, and it’s easy. Wines and ciders are bottle ready with a single pass at rates averaging 500 gallons per hour. Product loss is 5-7% lower than traditional “dead end” methods, and there are no pads or DE to wrestle with. We bring the equipment to you, operate the system, clean up, and leave you with brilliant wines and ciders ready for our bottling trucks.

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