MTW Crossflow Filters with Organic Membranes

Della Toffola’s MTW crossflow filters are ideal for filtering wine, must, and vinegar, and they rely on spiral membranes to ensure an effective micro-filtering process with excellent results. The filtering systems are made of AISI 304 - 316L stainless steel with Viton silicone seals.

They can be made in manual, semiautomatic or automatic versions and in various sizes, containing from 2 to 36 modules. They are simple, easy-to-use systems, that do not require the constant presence of an operator. The membranes used can filter solids in the range of 0.1 to 1 µ, thus ensuring the retention of all solids in suspension, microorganisms, colloids and high-molecular-weight components in the product being treated without altering its original parameters in any way. This means that the filtered products gain in the intensity of their fragrance and aroma, while their initial organoleptic characteristics remain perfectly intact. 

MTW filters can handle products with a maximum turbidity at the inlet of 4000 NTU, and guarantee a turbidity at the outlet of less than 1 NTU. They can also be used to filter must, wine and vinegar undergoing clarification and containing bentonite, PVPP and carbon.

Brochure for MTW Crossflow Filters with Organic Membranes

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