Mobile bottling prices are simple and straightforward. There is a set-up fee and minimum service charge of $2000.

The Basics
Sterile filtration, bottle rinse, bottle sparging, filling, closure, capsule, and label: $3.05/case (specialty bottles will be $3.50/case)  
Label only: $2.25/case
Travel beyond 50 mile radius of Ashland, VA: $1.00/mile each way (first 100 miles are free)
Overnight lodging per night (when applicable): $275.00

Bottle/Wine Changes
Bottle change requiring complete reconfiguration of entire line (each bottle change will reduce daily production by 125 cases): $150.00 each
Wine change or bottle height change (each wine or height change will reduce daily production by 75 cases): $75.00 each

.45 Micron Final Filter Change
Filters are provided as part of the service fee. Wineries will replace any plugged filters at this rate: $400.00 each
.50 micron pre-filter: $250.00 each

Winery-Caused Downtime
Mechanical breakdown is not considered downtime for the winery or the bottling line: $400.00/hour

Cancellation Fee
There is a $500 cancellation fee if appointment is cancelled with less than 30 days before your appointment. 

All services are subject to Terms and Conditions

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