Need a secure, temperature-controlled space to store your craft beverage by the barrel, pallet, or keg? You’re in luck, we offer bonded warehousing!

We are a licensed, bonded warehouse and can store your craft beverage in barrels, pallets or kegs in our temperature-controlled (maintained at 54 degrees), secure warehouse just outside of Richmond, VA until you need it. Our storage pricing will save you money as well the headache of storing your own wine or beer, unless you’re really into managing your own warehouse full of your own product in which case we totally get it, we’re into warehousing, too.

Our system allows you the ability to flex your production up or down based on what makes the most sense, not how much room is left in your storage area. We can also pick up and deliver your in-bond wine or beer in one of our temperature-controlled trucks.

Even better, once it is at our warehouse, we can take the stress of DTC wine club fulfillment off of your plate and manage it from here.

For more information or a personalized quote tailored to your business please give us a call at 844-4VA-WINE for immediate assistance.

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