The Mix-Stir Drill Attachment

Wine & Beer Supply

Boost your winemaking and brewing game with our Mix-Stir Drill Attachment. Effortlessly mix and stir ingredients with your power drill for a faster, more efficient process. Perfect for achieving a smooth and consistent blend every time. Take the hassle out of stirring and spend more time enjoying your delicious homemade beverages. Specially designed for mixing and stirring wine/beer and de-gassing.

  • Manufactured in high quality polycarbonate with ABS blades and stainless steel insert.
  • The blades act like a turbine for maximum mixing and stirring efficiency.
  • The Mix-Stir fits any electric drill (variable speed drill with reversing capacity recommended).
  • The Mix-Stir comes standard in a 24" length. It is long enough to be used in large primary fermenters and barrels.
  • The Plastic blades also make it safe to use with glass carboy.

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