Nomacorc Select Green 500 Cork

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Select Green 500 uses Nomacorc’s proprietary PlantCorc™ technology to provide an environmentally-friendly closure, superior performance and enhanced oxygen control. 


  • Consistent oxygen ingress rates
  • TCA-free — no cork taint
  • Premium embossed end treatment
  • Soft-feel is easier to grip and has a more appealing, softer tactile touch
  • Made from renewable, plant-based polymers
  • Created using 100 % renewable energy and recycled cooling water
  • Minimizes environmental impact by preventing spoilage and waste
  • from wine fault
  • Preserves wine for up to 8 years
  • Recyclable

Minimum Order: 1 Bag
Bag Quantity: 1000 pcs
Length: 44mm or 47 mm 

*Priced per bag

Interested in branded corks? Contact us at 844.482.9463 or email us at for more info! 

Oxygen Ingress per Bottle

1.8 mg of O2 After 3 Months 2.3 mg of O2 After 6 Months 3.1 mg of O2 After 12 Months 1.7 mg of O2 per Year, After first Yr

Carbon Footprint
-1 g CO2 eq per closure
Premium End Treatment
22.5 mm
44mm or 47 mm
4.6 g | 5.3 g | 5.7 g
Extraction Force
200 N - 450 N

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