Viniferm RVA

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Viniferm RVA is a yeast especially recommended for red wines with high tolerance to ethanol, able to respect the aromas of the variety. Allows macerations prolonged and perform cold pre-fermentation maceration.

Wine Type

red wineageing


  • Enhances fruity aromas and structure. Produces wines with less alcoholic content
  • Respects polyphenol concentration, due to low colored-substance adsorption on cell walls
  • Suitable for long-maceration vinification and pre-fermentation cold maceration
  • Very low alcohol production. Recommended for grapes with high potential alcoholic strength
  • Produces excellent results from co-inoculation with Viniferm OE lactic bacteria.

Organoleptic Qualities

  • Augments varietal characteristics and enhances sweet and spicy notes

Unit Size: 500 g

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