Viniferm ELEGANCIA is an interesting cryophilic yeast for fermentation at low temperatures. 

Wine Type

white winerose winesparkling


  • Production of varietal white wines
  • Moderate fermentation speed
  • Cryophilic yeast, recommended for low-temperature fermentations
  • Exhibits ß-glucosidase activity
  • Enhances varietal typicity
  • Produces polysaccharides
  • Complete fermentation of highly clarified musts

Organoleptic Qualities

  • Enables expression of varietal aromas in Verdejo, Sauvignon Blanc, and Chardonnay. Produces a rounder mouthfeel by contributing greater weight and structure.

Unit Size: 500 g

For more info:
▶︎ Data Sheet
▶︎ Safety Data Sheet

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