Viniferm DIANA


Viniferm DIANA is a yeast of moderate production of fermentative aromas, selected to produce white wines from high quality varietals. It confers volume and structure, with ability to rapidly release polysaccharides when used for aging on lees.

Wine Type

white winerose wine


  • Enhances full-bodied varietal typicity
  • Particularly recommended for production of high-quality varietal white wines (Verdejo, Sauvignon, Albariño, etc.)
  • Encourages volatile thiol release (ß-lyase activity)
  • Ideal for barrel-fermented and/or sur lie-aged white wines
  • Pre-fermentation maceration and highly clarified grape musts
  • Production of white wines using reductive treatments

Organoleptic Qualities

  • Preserves varietal characteristics and enhances tropical (mango and passion fruit) and stone (apricot) fruit aromas

Unit Size: 500 gr

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