Viniferm AURA


Viniferm AURA is a yeast with a high production of aromas fermentatives, selected to produce white wines from neutral varieties. Its rapid latency phase and capacity implantation makes it interesting from the beginning of the harvest to its use in late harvests. Strain capable of fermenting at a wide range of temperatures and with very clarified musts.

Wine Type

white winerose wine


  • Enhances fermentation reliability and aromatic persistence in neutral varietals
  • Particularly recommended for production of neutral varietal white wines
  • Controlled fermentation of neutral varietals with highly clarified grape musts
  • Production of fresh and flowery wines
  • Easy implantation under demanding conditions

Organoleptic Qualities

  • Fresh, intense long-lasting aromas
  • Intensifies tropical fruit tones (pineapple and banana)
  • Well-balanced mouthfeel

Unit Size: 500 g

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