TAN Reactive

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This condensed grape-seed tannin's high reactivity and its capacity to combine with anthocyanins has a powerfully beneficial effect on color stability. It increases the wine's phenolic potential, making it much more robust and enhancing its structure. It produces excellent results when applied during fermentation and devatting or when added to finished wine.

Wine Type

white winerose winered wineageing


    • Stabilizes color and enhances structure. 100% grape-seed tannin
    • When applied during fermentation and/or devatting, it guarantees and enhances long-term color stability
    • Particularly apt for oxidative varieties
    • When used prior to bottling, it guarantees in-bottle stability and removes reduction notes

    Organoleptic Qualities

    • Greatly increases structure and body
    • Accentuates the sensations of body and volume in the mouthfeel

    Unit Size: 500 g 

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