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Ovovin is a powdered egg albumin particularly indicated for use in red wine fining.

Wine Type

red wineageing


  • Red wine fining. Enhances the wine’s tannic and polyphenolic stability
  • White wine fining. To achieve optimal fining, it is recommended to add an oenological tannin (Galitan) before application
  • Cider and vinegar fining
  • Allergen: From egg whites

Organoleptic Qualities

  • In red wines, it balances the wine's tannic structure by attracting and removing the most astringent tannins
  • It helps to give the wine a rounder structure and produces a more integrated polyphenolic fraction
  • It does not affect the wine’s aromatic characteristics and fully preserves varietal typicity (both nose and mouthfeel)

Unit Size: 1 kg

For more info:
▶︎ Data Sheet
▶︎ Safety Data Sheet

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