Agrovin Enozym LUX

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Enozym LUX is an easily applied liquid preparation with a high pectin lyase (PL) content that, at very low doses, produces clear high-yield musts. It enhances aroma stability and intensity.

Pectin lyase (PL) facilitates clarification by removing the pectin in larger pieces and accelerating solids' downward movement. This increases fining performance. Mature grapes contain abundant PME and PG, but do not contain PL. Provoking this enzyme activity accelerates fining.

Wine Type

white winerose wine


  • Liquid preparation with a high pectin lyase content
  • Produces clear high-yield musts
  • Improves extraction of grape-skin compounds and, consequently, results in better extraction of aromatic precursors

Organoleptic Qualities

  • Rapid clearing of musts at low temperatures results in clean, stable aromas

Unit Size: 100 g

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