Agrovin BCP XXI

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BCP XXI is an allergen-free fining agent for use during fermentation. BCP XXI also enhances lee compacting and later filtration.

Wine Type

white winerose wine


  • Casein-free fining agent that has a powerful deproteinizing effect on musts and wines.
  • Selectively removes leucoanthocyanins and catechins,
  • Removes the polyphenol oxidases that catalyze the process
  • Enhances lee compacting and later filtration

Organoleptic Qualities

  • Applying BCP XXI enhances color and aromatic profile, producing wines with cleaner primary aromas and a more markedly fruity character

 Unit Size: 15 kg

For more info:
▶︎ Data Sheet
▶︎ Safety Data Sheet

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