Agrovin Actimax PLUS

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Actimax PLUS is an activator of alcoholic fermentation containing ammonium phosphate, inactive yeasts and thiamine.

Addition of this product to must increases free amino nitrogen (FAN), ensuring an ideal organic and inorganic nitrogen supplement and significantly improving the conditions of the medium for rapid yeast development. Increasing FAN levels favors yeast multiplication and guarantees correct yeast activity throughout the fermentation process

Wine Type

white winerose winered wine


  • Sulfate-free
  • Composition: Inactive yeast, ammonium (NH4+) phosphate, and thiamine.
  • Complex, broad-spectrum nutrient
  • Enables fermentation in harsh environments, both at low temperatures and from grapes of high potential alcohol content
  • Prevents stuck fermentation

Organoleptic Qualities

  • Enables safe alcoholic fermentation, thus facilitating yeast growth and enhancing wine aromatic expression

    Unit Sizes: 1 kg or 20 kg (bulk)

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