Agrovin Actimax GSH

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Actimax GSH is an organic nutrient for alcoholic fermentation with a high glutathione content to preserve the freshness and aromatic qualities of white and rosé wines. 

It has antioxidant capacity, which protects the color and varietal aromas (especially thiol aromas) of white and rosé wines. It enables the maximum aromatic expression of the grape, prolonging its freshness and slowing chromatic evolution in the bottle.

Wine Type

white winerose wineageing


    • 100% organic
    • Composition: inactive yeasts naturally rich in glutathione
    • Prevents oxidation and browning of wines
    • Longevity in whites and rosés

    Organoleptic Qualities

    • Maintains the aromatic qualities by protecting from oxidation. Delays the symptoms of evolution

    Unit Size: 1 kg

    For more info:
    ▶︎ Data sheet
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