Agrovin Enovin PECTINASE

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Enovin PECTINASE is a broad-spectrum liquid enzymatic preparation for the treatment of musts and wines. Enovin PECTINASE selectively hydrolyses the bonds between the pectic substances present in the middle lamella and wall of the grape-skin cells.

It reduces must and wine viscosity, and accelerates the settling of white and rosé musts and the clarification of wines. In red wines, it facilitates the disaggregation of the plant cell wall in preparation for extraction of the coloring material.

Wine Type

white winerose winered wine


  • Liquid preparation
  • Enzyme activity: highly concentrated pectinase
  • Very rapid and efficient action because it readily mixes homogeneously throughout mash or must

Organoleptic Qualities:

  • Its rapid action leads to the development of clean, stable aromas

Unit Size: 1 kg

For more info:
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